At the scorching summer days, the desired temperature can sometimes just be brought about through use of ac devices. Air conditioners and swamp coolers also called evaporative coolers are both supposed to handle the temperature in a room; however the methods used to achieve the desired result are rather different. Learning more about cooling apparatus can help you determine the best choice for your needs.AIR CONDITIONER

Adding vs. Reducing Humidity

Air conditioners which are used within a home setting are normally designed to function as dehumidifiers so that they filter out the moisture in the atmosphere. On the other hand, evaporative coolers actually result in a cooling effect by adding humidity to the air. Unsurprisingly, the most common areas that evaporative coolers used are regions that have dry and hot climate.

Air Conditioners

When it comes to the processing that takes place within an ac unit, the Technique used is condensation and evaporation. The ac apparatus has coils that are made inside it. As hot air moves through these coils, the refrigerant that is within the coils transforms from a liquid state to a gaseous state while at the same time absorbing the heat from the hot air. Once this procedure is finished, the refrigerant transforms back to its liquid state and the exact same process happens all over again.

Swamp coolers

Swamp coolers are designed to draw air from the outside and then process it via a cooler thereby effectively lowering its temperature. The cooler is constructed using wet pads and as the water from the pads evaporates, it produces a cooling effect to the atmosphere. The airs is pumped into the building via an air flow system and check it out for your reference. While the amount of temperature in degrees may vary, the most frequent result is fever lowering by approximately twenty degrees F. If this process is repeated, it sometimes creates a feeling also found in a swampy area and therefore the name of this cooler.

In comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these two goods, one can easily observe a swamp cooler is comparatively less expensive than an air conditioner. This is mainly because the technologies used in ac units are more complicated and the materials used may also cost the maker a bigger amount of money. Moreover, the ac unit utilizes a greater quantity of electricity compared to a swamp cooler. Finally, maintenance of swamp coolers is much Simpler since the spare parts used are comparatively cheaper when compared to parts Used to fix air conditioning apparatus.