Securing your brand identity is among the main things you have to do as a company owner. In order to effectively manage your name and protect against misuse, slander or discredit your standing; you must not just conduct decent business practices and maintain high ethical standards, but also make certain that your identity for a company is well managed.

Social networking identity protection is your solution

In today’s high technology digital world, the internet and especially social media networks have created private information much more easily available on the net, which as a result poses a safety risk for both employees and organizations alike. This is the reason all of us need some type of social networking identity protection. More and more we are seeing not only private identity theft cases on the World Wide Web, but also those of companies, as criminals try to profit from the misfortune of others online

With an evolution in search engines comes with an evolution in optimization. Branding and social websites have become a significant influence in the ranking system of each major search engine online. Whether you are seeking online reputation management, brand awareness, or search engine optimisation, a powerful Social Presence is critical for any business that is communicating through the web. The sector has escalated over the last ten years. A nix of Interest, support and funding has helped Social Media communities grow and flourish.

Thinks of the following possibilities

Imagine Brandlance reviews name being registered as a profile fan page on a significant social networking by someone other than you. This would eliminate you becoming that user-name on your own and raises the danger of misuse, in addition to misrepresentation of your own brand by others.

One of your opponents could enrol your brand name as a profile or fan page on a significant social networking and use it to discredit your enterprise. Your Company name may be registered as a profile or enthusiast page on a significant social networking and use it to entice customers under false pretences, bringing discredit to a brand name. Because of this an unfortunate few receive a cease the letter requiring them to stop using their name. So they must start over with an entirely new identity, new site, new business cards, and new marketing materials

Social media has been the Wild West for cyber squatting, with no a central control system for taking down names. We usually advise our customers that the best offense is a good defence. This kind of service can also be great for companies that want to restrain the trademarks or brand names but do not necessarily wish a presence on the many social media sites.