Two months ago, I decided it is Time for me to adopt another dog. I fell to the local shelter a few times each week to find the dogs. Our regional shelter is known as a humanist society but they do not have the space to be idealistically humane constantly. To put it differently, at times the capacity of those facilities are surpassed and so some dogs get put down in order to make space for the beginners. This is but one of several reasons that some people wait to volunteer their time at the Maui Humane Society. It is heart wrenching to have walked a few times a week and then return the next week and then find out the puppy was ‘put down’.

After many Visits with a dog called Laura, a Chihuahua mix poi Puppy as we say here significance mixed breed, I decided I really liked her. I found out all I could from the group about her background. She was eight years old. A man had brought her in if she was going to have dogs. The puppies were being chased out so that Laura could get back her strength. She was fairly healthy now. It is a significant decision when an individual is picking out a dog. A dog is plenty of responsibility. A dog’s passing may cause heartache. I would have a Chihuahua for a few decades. Her name was Naima. She had died due to an attack by a pit bull. I wanted to be very sure before I made the decision to adopt another dog. I took a little too long. Someone else embraced Laura before I did.

I see the humane Society only once a week now. It is so hard to see those contribute to dog shelter Who need houses, need love, care, food, shelter and training. Recently, each kennel or large cage at the Maui Humane Society has two or three dogs in It because the non-profit is almost full to capacity. The dogs have a sheet of Information sprinkled in their kennel door which states an excellent lady or a Terrific guy found them wandering around the island, hungry and thirsty, and Took them to the shelter to be adopted. A Few of the dog shelter notes say Instead the proprietor brought them surrendered them because they can’t care for the animals. It is sad and surprising how many abandoned dogs have Been drawn To the Maui Humane Society in the last couple of months. Foreclosures on Maui have increased over the past year.