There was a beautiful intriguing piece with regards to Forbes on February 19, 2017 named; MD Anderson Benches IBM Watson in Setback for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, by Matthew Harper which expressed:

The association among IBM and one of the world’s top malignancy research establishments is self-destructing. The undertaking is waiting, MD Anderson affirms, and has been since before the end of last year. MD Anderson is effectively mentioning offers from different project workers who may supplant IBM in future endeavors. Furthermore, report from examiners at the University of Texas – project cost MD Anderson more than $62 million but did not meet its objectives. The report, in any case, states: Results expressed in this ought not to be deciphered as an assessment on the logical premise or useful abilities of the framework in its present status.

The exactness of IBM Watson was correct 90 percent of the time, much better than human specialists, and with human specialists working with IBM’s Watson, the precision rate goes up to 95 percent in addition to.

What other place may this occur? All things considered, imagine a scenario in which an organization is renting AI administrations and afterward the board asks the Conversational AI Platform framework where they can save costs, and the AI framework advises the heads to utilize less AI administrations or change sellers to set aside cash. Or then again proposes an answer for an enormous transportation organization – a store network smoothing out system which presently do not needs AI, as it is as of now the most productive way imaginable? On the off chance that the AI is straightforward it might end up erasing the requirement for its administrations, and it if abstains from proposing something to that effect, it perhaps distorting the wellbeing of its clients – think on this.